It all started with the dream to be the biggest organic hardneck garlic grower. Together with my wife, Tammie-Lee, we’re the faces behind Fatboy Garlic and are here to use our God-given passion to build upon the dream of bringing quality garlic to consumers across the country.

A Little Bit About Us

I’m Nathan Ballinger, we feel like it’s important to establish a close relationship with our customers, and we strive to treat you like family. So, here’s a little bit about us. In 2014, I married my soul mate. Tammie-Lee Ballinger is a world-champion powerlifter who competes in international world events and achieved multiple records.

In fact, she holds the CPU Canadian Bench record in her category. With my background in bodybuilding that started at age 18, we were the perfect match. She encourages me to maintain my focus on the bodybuilding dream, helping me strive to look better in my 80’s than I do today. We continually improve ourselves by training together and being a good example for the six children we have between the two of us.

If there’s one thing we have learned as a couple, it’s that you can never let life’s unexpected twists and turns get you down. When Tammie-Lee was told by doctors many years ago that a shoulder injury had rendered her unable to ever lift more than five pounds with her left arm after years of therapy and surgery, we found ways to cope. I took the courses needed to be my wife’s coach in powerlifting and support her happily in her sport. We apply that same dedication to our work in garlic farming and in the development of the relationships that go along with it.

Following the Lord’s Plan for My Life

Believe it or not, garlic farming was never my passion. It wasn’t until I was introduced to my uncle’s garlic farm in the 90’s followed by grain farming 11,500 acres in Saskatchewan, Canada for a family for a decade that the Lord’s plan for my life became evident.

The year 2017 it all started. I spent half the year, what it takes to plant and harvest gatlic getting preparing and growing our brand of garlic on a large scale which took me 5 years of commitment to the dream to achieve. But as we know life has ways of giving us twists and turns. So we brought our dream to Alberta in July 2022 & started to grow the vision here. With visions of growth we are now chasing with passion for success. So, stay connected with us, grow with us, and watch our passion come alive