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Blackened Garlic

Many people mistake blackened garlic for burnt garlic, but the discoloration is actually the result of an intricate aging process that involves exposing the garlic heads to manipulated temperature and humidity conditions. Over the course of weeks or even months, an inky black color develops as the fermentation process takes its toll. Just as the physical appearance is altered, the taste is transformed. Imagine a mild sweetness that’s similar to syrup with a hint of umami. The aging process also produces the slightest acidic tang, and the texture in your mouth is a much softer, stickier version of garlic. Since the blackening process reduces the concentration of allicin, the signature heat associated with garlic is removed, making it more palatable. From condiments to main dishes and everything in-between, the best chefs know how to use blackened garlic to add that flavor that has everyone wanting to know the secret ingredient to the best meal they’ve ever had. Best of all, the fermentation process doesn’t eliminate health advantages. Just some of the many potential ways your body can benefit from consumption of blackened garlic include reversed aging of the skin, anti-inflammatory effects, improved heart and liver health, lowered cholesterol, immunity boost, improvement in diabetic complications, and decreased risk of cancer.


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